Handy Tips for Fussy Eaters #1

When my boys were small they would eat anything that was put in front of them. And I mean anything. Bugs included. Not that it was actually me who put them there…

Now they are aged five and six they seem intent on exercising their innate right to refuse to eat certain foods. And that’s totally fine, I’ve no problem with that. Except I wish they would refuse the chips and pasta, and not the vegies…

Along the way I’ve picked up some tricks that help me get the good stuff into my boys. I’ve met heaps of mums who struggle just like me, so I’m going to share my tips now and then here on this blog; I do hope you can repay the favour with a few tips of your own. Pretty please? šŸ™‚


Fussy Eater Tip #1

Don’t be afraid to hide vegies in their usual meals. Puree a can of white beans, some pumpkin, carrots or sweet potato. Start by mixing in just a tablespoon or two into their pasta sauce, macaroni cheese, pikelet mixture, whatever you’ve got. Increase to twice the amount (or as much as you can get away with) over time.

If you want some great recipes and more ideas for hiding purees, this book is really cool. It’s on my kitchen shelf. You can buy the real thing on Amazon.


Now, I’m not saying you shouldn’t still put some kind of veg on their plate at mealtimes, but it certainly takes the pressure off. Instead of fighting with them to eat every last pea, you can keep a much more relaxed vibe around the table, knowing what you know. That they don’t know. But you know. You know?

What’s your favourite tip for a smooth mealtime?


2 thoughts on “Handy Tips for Fussy Eaters #1

  1. Forgot to mention.

    This was a very appropriate (and funny!) blog for tonight … I hid cauliflower in MY HUSBAND’S mashed potato today … he had no idea, told me it tasted great!! (he doesn’t do vegetables)


    šŸ˜‰ Gab

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