Handy Tips for Fussy Eaters #4


Let the kids help in the kitchen whenever you can.

My boys love to help out in the kitchen. I’m not sure whether they are genuinely interested in the creation of whatever it is we happen to be making, or if they just want to spend time with mum. Certainly, there is no shortage of volunteers if there is any bowl-licking to be had…

If you have a fussy eater, giving them hands-on input into the preparation of their own meal can sometimes make them more likely to eat it. Sometimes. They will also be exposed to foods in many different forms: raw, grated, cooked, chopped. A child may need to be exposed to an unfamiliar food 10 or more times before they are willing to try it. Even touching or smelling the food while they’re helping you can really get them on the way to achieving this.

It’s often inconvenient, it’s always messy, but if it’s at all possible it’s a great idea to let your kids help while you’re cooking. Younger kids increase their knowledge of numbers by counting spoonfuls/cups of ingredients, older kids can improve their understanding of proportions, weights and measurements. And there’s nothing quite like a little quality time.

What do your kids love to help you make? 🙂

Photo credit: ….Tim / Foter.com / CC BY-NC-ND


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