Why I still feed baby food to my seven-year-old


Last night I fed my six- and seven-year-old boys baby food.

No, I’m not sorry. In fact, I’m kinda proud.

You see, my boys are fussy eaters. They both love vegetables. Actually, they both love ‘A’ vegetable. And not the same one. My six-year-old will only eat carrots. Raw ones. My seven-year-old will only eat corn. Cooked ones.

They’re fine with lettuce, as long as it’s on a taco. Nowhere else. And they’re fine with capsicum and zucchini as long as it’s on our homemade pizzas. Nowhere else. And most nights I can’t be bothered with negotiating the minefield that is dinnertime, so I give them what I know they’ll eat. But I also don’t want them┬ámissing out on other great vegies.

So sometimes I get a bit sneaky. I pick up one of these from the supermarket (yes, I used to blend my own but that seems to happen more and more infrequently now I’m working part-time)…


This week I’ve mixed some of this baby food into tomato sauce for their hot dogs, tomato paste on the pizza base, and tomato sauce again to dip some crumbed chicken. They have no idea of the extra vegie content of the sauce, and I can relax a little knowing that even though they only take a nibble of the vegies I’ve served with the meal, they’re getting just that little bit more.

Do you have any sneaky food secrets you don’t tell your kids?