upmarket imageHere’s hoping it’s a gorgeous, sunny day as usual for the June Upmarket! I’ll be there with heaps of your old favourites, and a couple of new things, too!

dog and placemat low res

These are so new, they’re not even on my web site yet! Super hardy placemats for your dog, by popular demand! You choose the colour and I’ll add your dog’s name. You’ll have to see me at Upmarket at UWA, Perth this Sunday from 10am-4pm if you want one now. I’ll put them in the web store soon.

little monsters RGB smallcolourme2A new Little Monsters design for the über-popular Colour Me Happy placemat range. Lots of different placemats available, and they all come with their own packet of washable crayons and a cloth to wipe clean, so the kids can colour over and over again.

kids mat wide low res rgbMy favourite new personalised placemat is available to order at Upmarket or online, too! Heaps of fun because you’re in charge! You choose hair colour and style, eye colour, and add freckles, glasses, dimples or earrings if you need them.

I hope you can see me on Sunday! If not, pop over here for more information: http://www.littlebellies.com.au

Karen x


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