Feral kids close café playroom

John and Claudette Osterberg at their café, Black Mocha, in Turramurra.

John and Claudette Osterberg at their café, Black Mocha, in Turramurra.

I came across this article a week or so ago, and I wanted to chat about it with you.

Here’s an excerpt from the article:

Dirty nappies left on tables, children washing their hands in other patrons’ water glasses, and parents using cushions as plates are only a handful of the reasons a Sydney cafe has closed its children’s playroom, the owners say.

Turramurra’s Black Mocha Cafe announced the closure of its playroom via a Facebook post on Tuesday evening. “Our decision has been based on a number of factors,” it said. “Too many parents not respecting the dining experience of other patrons and the facilities provided for children.”

Posted by Black Mocha Cafe on  Sunday, November 2, 2014

John Osterberg, who opened Black Mocha in 2013 with his wife Claudette, says most children and parents have been well behaved, but “a few bad eggs with a sense of entitlement have decided the cafe is their place to treat as they like”.

I’m conflicted in many ways. As a parent, my first instinct is to be offended by these statements. To assume parents don’t care how their children behave is ridiculous. When my children are in public I admit I’m guilty of just the opposite – I curb any negative behaviour the second it gets underway, much more so than I would at home, just in case anyone nearby thinks I’m ‘a bad parent’.

As a business owner, I understand that he has every right to run his business however he chooses, and if offering a play area for the kids is proving more trouble than it’s worth… I’d get rid of it, too.

You can read the full article here. How do you feel? Are you disappointed to see a (formerly!) family-friendly option disappear, or is it a case of good riddance?


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