Even future Kings need Little Bellies Dinnerware



Prince William and Princess (she’ll always be ‘Kate’ to me) Catherine were photographed having a picnic during a family outing earlier this year.

They brought Royal Cuties Prince George and Princess Charlotte along for the fun, too.

An onlooker stated, “The children were playing about and running around while they sat there eating cake off paper plates. William was eating cake off a paper plate just like anyone else.”

Paper plates, Wills? Really?

I think he should try a Little Bellies super-durable-dare-you-to-try-and-break-it Superstar melamine plate instead. Much more stylish than a paper plate! And seriously, just chuck it in the picnic basket and throw it in the dishwasher when you get home.


Here’s one for the lovely Princess, too…


You can grab them here on special right now for only $14.99 with free delivery within Australia.

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Toddler portion size guide for parents


I’ve grown up knowing I should be eating 2 serves of fruit and 5 serves of vegetables each day to stay healthy.

But what is this thing they call ‘a serve’?

For kids, it’s a lot different than for adults. A serve of fruit for me would be an apple, or a mandarin. For my boys it’s likely to be only a few slices.

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Thermos personalised water bottles


Well, it sure has been a while since I’ve had something worthwhile to tell you here!

I’ve been working on these beauties for a long time now. My family have used Thermos insulated water bottles for many years. (We still have the same ones we bought seven years ago, I must add! Total value for money.) I love how I can leave mine in my car on a hot day and still come back to a cold drink. My boys like their water cold, and even after a whole school day during summer, any water left in their water bottles is still colder than regular tap water.

So, being such a fan of these water bottles, I’ve been trying to figure out a way to bring them to Little Bellies. Because just reselling water bottles is a bit boring, yes? So I’ve been practising cutting vinyl (vinyl all the things!) and now I can offer the water bottles personalised with your choice of name, font and colour. So each one is a little bit different, like our kids. 🙂

The water bottles are available just on their own too, if that’s all you need.

You can read the specs of each one here: http://www.littlebellies.com.au/homewares or drop me a comment below with any questions.

Karen x