Thermos personalised water bottles


Well, it sure has been a while since I’ve had something worthwhile to tell you here!

I’ve been working on these beauties for a long time now. My family have used Thermos insulated water bottles for many years. (We still have the same ones we bought seven years ago, I must add! Total value for money.) I love how I can leave mine in my car on a hot day and still come back to a cold drink. My boys like their water cold, and even after a whole school day during summer, any water left in their water bottles is still colder than regular tap water.

So, being such a fan of these water bottles, I’ve been trying to figure out a way to bring them to Little Bellies. Because just reselling water bottles is a bit boring, yes? So I’ve been practising cutting vinyl (vinyl all the things!) and now I can offer the water bottles personalised with your choice of name, font and colour. So each one is a little bit different, like our kids. 🙂

The water bottles are available just on their own too, if that’s all you need.

You can read the specs of each one here: or drop me a comment below with any questions.

Karen x


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