No chicken fingers here: Restaurant launches gourmet tasting menu for children


The favorite dish among diners on the children’s tasting menu is the make-your-own sundae plate. (Courtesy Dusty Lockhart)

In the six years since it opened, Trummer’s on Main has earned a reputation among D.C. diners for its locally sourced ingredients, carefully prepared seafood and innovative tasting menus. But these days, the dining establishment is catering to a new clientele with its tasting menu designed exclusively for children.

And it’s nothing like your typical children’s menu.

“So many times you have chicken tenders, you have cheeseburgers and maybe a bowl of pasta. We wanted to take that further and offer more to our guests and to our families … to try to offer healthy alternatives for the kids,” says Fausett, who designed the menu.

“The idea is to introduce [kids] into some new ingredients, while still finding textures and flavors that work well for their palate, and exposing them to this type of dining and just the natural progression where our meals go from lighter fare to heavier.”

The concept for the five-course Petit Gourmand  project stemmed from the personal experiences of owners Victoria and Stefan Trummer. With two kids under 5, the Trummers say dining out can be a challenge for the food-focused family. For starters, not all restaurants accommodate kids, and many that do don’t offer healthy or compelling options.

“It’s a way for both parents to be able to enjoy a tasting menu with their kid, but also for kids to be able to get involved in that and eat real food,” Victoria Trummer says. “There are no chicken fingers or French fries or mac and cheese. And I think all kids eat those things at some point in their life, but that shouldn’t be all that they eat when they go out.”

Read the full article here.


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