Welcome to Little Bellies

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At Little Bellies we believe that childhood is worth celebrating, and meal times should be fun.

So we’ve created personalised dinnerware for children. Even if you’ve named your child Sunday Rose, Moon Unit or Blanket – we’re able to put their name on a plate. There’s no name too familiar or too footloose for us.

With a wide range of cute designs to choose from, we’ve got something to capture the imagination of everyone: superheroes, stars, spaceships, robots, flowers, polka dots and much much more. And if we don’t have the design your child loves, just ask. We can accommodate their every wish and whimsy.

Our products are made for little tykes, so we use super-tuff melamine that can cope with a bit of rough and tumble. By investing in dinnerware that is long-lasting, not only
do you help the environment, you will enjoy these adorable childhood keepsakes for many years to come.

Who knows? With plates this good-looking your kids might even eat their vegetables!*

*Disclaimer: Little Bellies does not guarantee that vegetables will be consumed.

You can buy Little Bellies Dinnerware here or check out the latest updates on Facebook.


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